Reflective essays are an excellent means for you to boost your writing skills. No need to worry too much about using jargon and other hard words. The simple language you learned in English class will certainly suffice. Here you can choose one from a wide array of personal reflective essay topics to write about. It could be an essay about your experiences, relationships, or anything that has a significant level of importance to you. Here, you will read on tips to enhance your writing and make your reflective essay as captivating as ever. In addition, you will find a list of different reflective essay topic ideas to use as the basis of your writing.

Reflective essay Writing tips

You can write a reflection essay as a part-time as a hobby or regularly as part of academic writing. Before settling on one reflective essay topic, you first need to know a few things in regard to writing. These include;

. Read through a list of different reflective essay topic ideas
. Choose one or two reflective essay ideas that appeal to you the most. Out of these two choose one and get to writing
. While writing, aspire to show more than you aspire to tell. This way the reader feels present and shares in your experience as if he or she was really there
. Wondering what your thesis statement will be? The lesson you learned from the experience makes a good thesis statement.
. You should always end with a conclusion. Here, you will point how important this life experience was to you and what life lessons you learned from it.

Reflective essay topic ideas

Topic ideas can be divided into different segments. These include relationships, outdoor experiences, Daily life, important events, and places. So, without much further ado here are some good reflective essay topics ideas for you.

Relationship essay topic ideas

It is in our relationships where we express ourselves the strongest. Whether it’s a relationship you share with your best friend, sister, parents, teacher, neighbor, a boy, or your husband, relationships can leave an impression on you that you may love to write about. Here are a few options that can be a good idea for relationship essays.

  • Your first serious quarrel with your fiancé
    The moment your parent’s eyes teared with pride because of something you did
    The first time you fell in love
    The first time you met your long lost father
    Tough lessons you’ve learned during your time in marriage
    When you wronged your best friend and had to tell her you were sorry
    Childhood memories of you playing games with your friends
    Why I think parental supervision is valuable in a stable household
    Why your pet is your best friend
    A secret you are keeping from your family

Outdoor experience essay topic ideas

Nature can bring exquisite outdoor experiences that can leave you breathless in awe or trembling in the basement corner. Either way, numerous outdoor experiences are sure to leave a permanent impression on anyone’s mind. Wondering what ideas to use as your outdoor experience essay topic idea? Here are a few.

  • Watching turtle eggs hatch while on a walk at the beach
    Watching the sunset on a warm summer night
    Your first time climbing a canyon, hill or mountain
    Fishing in the lake with your grandpa
    How you picked berries at an orchard and tasted some fresh wine
    Hiking and camping miles away from home
    Skiing in thick snow
    Your first hurricane, tornado, or earthquake experience
    How you met a deer stuck on the roadside during a road trip
    The night thunderstorms roared till morning

Daily life essay topic ideas

For many, each day comes with its own new surprises. These are little surprises that make for perfect essay ideas? Here are a few examples;

  • The time when your picture hung on the wall as employee of the year
    When you received your bonus paycheck
    A surprise birthday from your work colleagues
    When you were late to an important event
    When your car broke down in the middle of nowhere
    A cold morning with no lights, no water but you had to go to work
    Watching a horror movie alone at night
    When your pet saved you
    A scary dream you had last night
    Your most embarrassing experience

Events essay topic ideas

Throughout life, there are certain experiences that occur that you will forever remember. It could be a simple event that touched your heart or a life-changing event that switched everything. Here are a few of those essay ideas.

  • Your first high school prom
    A trip that took you back through history at the museum
    Moving places to a faraway town
    Your best Christmas where everyone came
    The most memorable birthday experience
    When you won an award and everyone applauded in support
    When you voted for the first time
    Visiting an orphanage for dogs or wild animals
    Giving back to the community when you visited the sick and fed the homeless

Places essay topic ideas

If you love traveling, then you most certainly will love writing about your traveling experiences. Alternatively, you may want to write essays about certain places that appealed to you the most as a child and during adulthood. Here are a few essay ideas for you;

  • Why Paris is your best vacation spot
    Your first time back home in twenty years
    Where your favorite coffee joint is located
    Interesting memories about your childhood home
    Your first time at the zoo
    The hometown church
    Shopping in the neighborhood mall
    Interesting and weird things about the place you work
    Your loved one’s final resting place
    Where your fiancé or husband proposed

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